Lucy Cook CV

Professional Experience

Acrylic Love Studio Sherwood Park 2020 - current

  • Art Teacher at Acrylic Love Studio Sherwood Park

Silver Skate Festival Aug. 2019 - Current

  • Administrative Assistant, Silver Skate Festival, Edmonton, Canada (August 2019- Current)

Student Works Paint 2017 - Current  

  • House painter for Student Works Paint, Edmonton, Canada 

The Learning Centre Literacy Association Sep. 2017- Current

  • Instructor, The Learning Centre Literacy Association, Edmonton, Canada (Sept 2017- Current)


Art Sparks Studio 2019

  • Art teacher for young children, Art Sparks Studio, Sherwood Park. Edmonton AB

Silver Skate Festival 2018

  • Paid SCiP Internship as an assistant director for Silver Skate Festival. 

FourCats Art Studio 2016-2017

  • Birthday party host/art teacher for FourCats Art Studio, Sherwood Park, Ab, Canada

Edmonton Ice Castles 2016-2017

  • Sculptor/Builder at the Edmonton Ice Castles, Edmonton, Canada 


MacEwan University 2019

  • Fine Art Diploma 

  • Exhibition Record

  • MacEwan Grad Show


Gaia 2019 - Nov. 29, Dec. 14

  • Showed and sold my work here

  • Art show with live music and a collective of creatives

Dienasty 2019 - Jan.25, Feb. 28, Sep.27

  • Showed and sold my art here.

  • Live event with rappers, comedians and art vendors. 

Art Walk 2019

  • Took part in the Art Walk, Edmonton.

F**k It Art Show 2019 - Aug. 30

  • Got an entire room to display in.


Zenith Art Show 2019 - Jul. 5

  • Displayed multiple large pieces.

Performances/ Screenings

Singing into the Wind Performance 2019

  • Grant Mac Grad show, Edmonton

Launch Control 2019

  • “This is how acid feels” a projection at ‘Launch control’, a show at the Vignettes building, Edmonton


Public Art Projects and Large Installations

Samsung Portrait Project 2020

  • Paid artist to promote new phone by doing portraits of people on a mirror. 

Reighbough Fiddle Festival 2019 - Jun. 28 

  • Hired artist for Reighbough Fiddle Festival

Silverskate Winter Festival 2016 - 2018

  • Hired snow sculptor for Silverskate Winter Festival, took part in international competition for snow sculpting

104th Party In the Park 2018 Aug.

  • Live painting for 104th Party In the Park, Raised funds for the Mustard seed

Ice Castles of Edmonton 2017

  • Hired as a castle builder for Ice Castles of Edmonton, winter

Broadmoor Boulevard 2015


Group Exhibitions

Collaborate 2018

  • A show curated by me and my friends, Dandi Lines art gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 



Green Home Magazine 2019

  • Featured in Green Home Magazine as an artist highlight.