Lucy Cook

Lucy uses her love of colour to express the love she has for her home landscape: Alberta, Canada. From the rockies and the forests, to its lakes and rivers, to the sunsets and sunrises, her paintings emanate bright colours that are rich with saturation. It's her striking use of colour and her devoted passion to create that make her paintings so vibrant.

Lucy's Work

You can find anything from tiny canvases, to large statement paintings!

About Lucy

Lucy Cook is an intuitive artist who loves to play with colour. She is a graduate from the Macewan Fine Arts program, but has realized her passion for art from a young age. She uses strong neon colours and bright saturation to explore landscapes using contemporary painting techniques. Her main medium is painting with acrylics but she also has a secret passion for performance art.

Lucy’s work is distinct because her process involves a passionate eye for colour and playful use of paint. She is always hungry to learn, grow, and create. 


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 Lucy loves getting commissions and teaching Paint nights!

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